Possibly, the greatest reason why we are able to bring you clarity in this ever shifting healthcare industry, is because of the extraordinary array of services our team brings you and our unmatched ability to methodically and responsibly manage your very own self-funded healthcare plan.
Focus on COMM
Our VBA Software System
The Paragon Pod

Focus on COMM

And who are our Paragon PEEPS? They are our pride and the reason for our high customer satisfaction levels. Take a look at some of the attributes that define our Paragon PEEPS.

Our VBA Software System

Our new VBA Software System is an already proven, state-of-the-art claims system that is making our service faster, better and even more efficient. A few of the incomparable benefits of this great tool will include:

  • Real-Time Enrollments will maximize efficiencies
  • Easier & Clearer billing
  • Instant notification of claims funding
  • Automatically calculated accumulations which will get you answers faster
  • Reduced claims turnaround time
  • Research will no longer be needed to approve pre-authorization
  • Coming Soon- Instant, virtual chat & mobile-friendly capabilities

Our Paragon Pods

Our Paragon Pods are our brand new, ergonomic office structure that will enable the finest communication-centric working environment. These offices are designed to empower our people in order to strengthen the advantages of working with us! On behalf of all of us at Paragon, it has been nothing but a privilege to serve you. Our focus is clear and it is embedded in the Paragon Promise:

“ remain immensely passionate about our industry & our clients in order to make you feel that our fees were simply not enough for the services you received...”