Become Self-Funded

What Next?
4 Easy Steps To Enjoy The Incomparable Benefits of Becoming Self Funded! OK, So You’ve Now Made the Decision to CONSIDER Becoming Self-Funded.


A Simple Phone Call...

Below is information that will be extremely helpful in producing a quality quote. If you have questions, you can talk directly to your agent representative or call Betty Waites or Terri Hornsby here in our offices.

  • Claims History For The Last Two Years
  • Member Census To Include Zip Code & Coverage Tier
  • Top Claimant Report for Two Years
  • Current Vendor Information
  • Current Plan Document


Sit Back. Let Us Start.

Your Agent/Paragon Team will:

  • Tailor a best in class array of services and vendors that best meets your needs
  • Shop Stop Loss to find the best fit for YOUR program
  • Present options to YOU and assist in the decision making process


Now It’s Decision Time. Assume You Decided to Make The Move.

We contact you to strategically plan your implementation including:

  • YOUR Plan Design
  • YOUR Enrollment options
  • YOUR ID cards
  • YOUR Funding claims & fee billing


It’s Go Time. Enrollment Begins.

We contact you to strategically plan your implementation including:

  • Claims System Set-Up & Tested To Accept Claims
  • YOUR Summary Plan Document & Summary of Benefits & Coverage Prepared
  • YOUR Enrollment Materials Prepared
  • YOUR Members Become Enrolled For The Upcoming Year
  • Eligibility Received & Loaded Into the Claims System
  • YOUR ID Cards Printed & Mailed to YOUR Members


Self Funded

Save it.

Save more money because most premium taxes are avoided.

Your People; Your Costs.

Your costs will be based on your people! Not on the behaviors of a community pool.

Access to ALL Data & Reports.

You will understand better your very own health spending trends and make better decisions.

Enjoy Flexibility.

Because you are unique, you will have a tailor made plan design made by you FOR you!

Reduce or Increase your list of Goodies.

Don’t Need this? Let’s take it off then!

Less Bureaucracy=More Time to Visit You.

Why? Because you only have to comply with ERISA, not the State Regulations, including mandated benefits.

Fully Insured

Much More Expensive.

You’ll have to pay taxes and risk premiums! “Sorry…here is another 2 % to 4% of surcharge over the total amount”

Not Your People, But Others Cost.

“We’re not interested if your company is healthy…you will still have to pay for the drinkers and smokers in another company near yours”

Sorry, You’re Not Big Enough.

We only give all information to the large companies that take us golfing!

You’re Not Special, So Just Buy this.

“Cookie Cutter” Plan. Choose from available pre-set plans offered based on others’ needs.

You are stuck with These “Goodies”.

Doesn’t matter if you need these benefits, you will have them, like them, and pay for them.

We Might Not Call You Back...

Because we are drowning in all this Bureaucracy!