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We are glad that you are taking the time to learn more about Paragon Benefits, and our new approach to becoming the most trusted TPA in the Southeast. Together with our Broker Partners, the team at Paragon Benefits is committed to delivering our namesake to your clients: a new “model of excellence”. We believe that with our broad product offering, coupled with our innovative customer service model (“Paragon Pods”), we can surpass your clients’ expectations in how and why we serve them. Our team members, our “Paragon Peeps”, must meet all 11 specific “Paragon Peep Profile” characteristics in order to be selected for a seat in one of our tailored “Paragon Pods”.

Once serving in a “Paragon Pod”, each team member is then measured by the feedback provided by their customers – the members of the clients that we all serve. Our “Peep’s” vested interest in how our mutual clients receive service ensures excellence at the highest levels in our industry. For this reason, the Paragon Benefits family is proud to live by this standard every day. Brokers and consultants who recognize this value are the ones with whom we will choose to partner. Will it be you? Please contact our Chief Sales Officer, Richard Brewer, to discuss the possibilities of becoming a Paragon Preferred Partner. Richard can be reached at 404-409-5741 or rbrewer@paragonbenefits.com.

We welcome you to explore and discover some of the extraordinary services we are offering our valued clients.

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Own Future...

And Begin Enjoying The Incomparable Benefits of Becoming Self Funded! With the Companion Life/Paragon Approach to Becoming Self Funded, You Will Be & Stay in Control; We feel Privileged To Have Partnered with the Finest Entity To Bring You Even More Clarity In This Dysfunctional and Ever-Changing Industry. Today, You’re Closer to the Benefits of Being Self Funded...Whether you Are a Small, Mid Size, Or Large Company...!

Celebrate the Clarity!

Our Willingness, Dedication, & Drive to Bring You Clarity Now Expands to Enabling Small Businesses to Become Self Funded… In A Much Simpler, Productive, Uncomplicated, & Safe Way! Enjoy Not Only The Benefits Behind This Page But The Incomparable Benefit Regarding…

Terminal Liability Protection!

Where we are able to clearly define the cost should you choose to terminate your plan and provide extraordinary management services during the termination process. As We Say…Be & Stay in Control™