Possibly, the greatest reason why we are able to bring you clarity in this ever shifting healthcare industry, is because of the extraordinary array of services our team brings you and our unmatched ability to methodically and responsibly manage your very own self-funded healthcare plan.

Important Updates

Paragon Health Insurance Exchange Notice FAQs Updated 2014

Paragon HI Exchange Notice Update 2014 (PDF)

Selected Federal Notice Requirements for Group Health Plans

PPN template 2013

Claims Forms

IPS Registration and Prescription Order Form FINAL.11.081

Dental Claim Form ADA

Reimbursement Form

Authorization Req Form for Providers

Authorization to Release Information CS

Authorization to Release Information Terri

HIPAA Request Form

RX Claim Form


Cobra Rights Double Sided (PDF)

Flexible Spending Account - FSA

FSA & HRA Eligible and Ineligible Items

FSA Claim Form

FSA Plan Summary

FSA The Clear Card Request Form

FSA Enrollment Form With Premiums

FSA-Enrollment Form Without Premiums

FSA General And Limited Enrollment Form

FSA Revolving Dependent Care Form

FSA Tax Savings Flyer


CDHC Contact List

Dependent Care Only Enrollment Form

Direct Deposit Form Employee Form

HIPAA Authorization Form Employee


HRA Claim Form

Premium Only Enrollment Form

Health-Savings-Account - HSA

UMB Account Closure Form

UMB Beneficiary Designation Form

UMB Contribution Form

UMB Excess Contrib Withdrawal Form

UMB Name Change Request Form

UMB Trust to Trust Transfer Form

Stop Loss

Work Eligibility Status Form

Work Eligibility Status Form Lori Waltman

Work Eligibility Status Form Angelia Thomas

Other Coverage Information Form Lori Waltman

Other Coverage Information Form Angelia Thomas

Product Updates

Talk Now (PDF)

No Blue Day (PDF)

Healthy Trucker (PDF)